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What does stuffing game dialogue full of profanity really accomplish? Why do you put me in this horribly gloomy environment, then try to make me laugh with sitcom humor? Why the balls does Alex Mercer need an accomplice when he’s already a demigod? These are the questions I ask Prototype 2 after the first hour of gameplay.


Prototype 2 is a dark ‘n disturbing, apocalyptic, open-world, RPG hack ‘n slash potty mouth simulator. Or something like that. The idea picks up where the original Prototype leaves off. You play James Heller, a soldier whose family was supposedly torn apart by Alex Mercer, a super-powered freak on which the destruction and unholy corruption of New York City is blamed. Zombies and twisted, bleeding creatures rampaging across a half-broken landscape. Standard stuff, right? Alex gives you his shape-shifting, spiderman-shaming powers with the explanation that he wants to destroy the people that are actually responsible for the apocalypse. Extremely bloody murder ensues.


Don’t take my tone the wrong way, I -loved- the original Prototype, and I may actually be a bit bitter since I own Prototype 2 on the Playstation 3 instead of on the PC. It looks terrible (sorry, console gamers). The sequel has yet to captivate me, and I’m not quite sure why.


After a few rather linear sequences, the city opens up to you for you to do with as you please. You can run, jump and glide around the urban wasteland freely, doing storyline missions, sidequests with various objectives and tiered rewards for better completion, and optional targets for you to kill that make you stronger. All three are entertaining, though there isn’t much point in trying to get gold medals on sidequests until you’ve progressed through the game and become stronger/more agile.

So far, the game just feels bland in comparison to the original Prototype. If I had to give you a verdict right now, I’d say to stay away, but my opinion may change after more time with the game.


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