Why is there even a shop in the first place?

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There are sixteen people in the team deathmatch game I’m playing, and all of them are using the same two guns. ALL OF THEM. What could cause such a phenomenon? They qualify for other SMGs and assault rifles. The starting weapons aren’t that great. Everyone is surely sick of hearing the exact same firing sounds for the exact same guns by now. What’s the problem?

The ingame shop system is fricking awful!

It’s a monster that’s part free to play economy, part progression cliche. On one hand, guns are so flipping expensive. Why would I want to try out a new weapon when it costs one of my fingers? I only have ten of them, you know. I started the game with over 70% of the currency I needed to buy a new weapon, but it took me two hours to earn the other 30%. In other words, it would take me about 7 hours MORE playtime to buy another gun – and I’m one of the top players in every game, meaning I earn currency more quickly. How pathetic a grind is that? What if I don’t like the gun I buy? That’s seven hours of using the gun I’ve already been using for hours just to try my luck with a different one! Sure, there are stats in the shop that give me a general idea of what the weapon’s performance is like, but any experienced shooter player will tell you there are nuances to weaponry that statistics don’t generally tell you.

As for the aforementioned progression cliche, what’s the usual model of advancement that comes to mind in online games? You buy a car, a gun, a giant, hulking robot, and you spend more money upgrading it.

Did you catch that? Nobody wants to switch weapons because it costs so much to upgrade them! Once you’ve invested in making a weapon better, why would you switch to a new weapon that doesn’t have that advantage?

Answer: you wouldn’t. 

These two rookie mistakes have put quite the damper on my experience with this game whose name I shall not mention (closed beta NDA and whatnot). Anyone else sick of this lazy, uncreative gameplay model, or is it just me?

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